108 monk’s dormitory

8 to 108

Dear dharma friends, when the young monks complete from the lower secondary school, they can start to learn the Buddhist philosophy which we called Shedra in Bhutanese. As to manage the school and shedra together we need to build the monk’s dormitory to future plans in separate compound.
There are 16 rooms 13×18 feet and building with Bhutanese traditional house with ram earth. I found that it is friendly with environment and also good for health that all the material is organic. In each room 2 to 3 monks can stay and will build the toilet and bathroom separately from dormitory building.
I hope that this project also will soon complete with all of your supports. If we get 108 donors who donate 1300 US dollars each will complete this project. We will keep the donor’s name forever in our prayer hall.
Thank you very much





  1. Loke Kar Chei & Family
  2. Ynes Hui & Family
  3. Gigi Wong & Family
  4. Charissa Chan & Family
  5. Miranda Chan & Family
  6. Hung San Shiung
  7. Shaoran Cheng
  8. Pei Chien Lee & Janice Chen

བསོད་ནམས་སྟོབས་ཆེན་འདི་ཡི་མཐུས། །
སྦྱིན་བདག་འཁོར་དང་བཅས་རྣམས་ལ། །
ཚེ་འདིར་བསམ་པའི་དོན་འགྲུབ་ཅིང༌། །
བར་ཆད་ཞི་ནས་བཀྲ་ཤིས་པ། །
བསམ་པ་ཆོས་བཞིན་འགྲུབ་པར་ཤོག །


By the great power of this merit,
May the wishes and aims of the sponsors, their friends and families
All be fulfilled in this very life!
May they enjoy auspiciousness free of obstacles, and
May everything be auspiciousness so that they accomplish their aims in accordance with the dharma!