Slogan: May the brilliance of three wisdoms pervade.

Objectives: Our country Bhutan is blessed and encounter with Vajrayana Buddhism in the early 8 th century. The Dharma activities and practices has been start since then in Bhutan. Later in 1616 His Holiness Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal came to Bhutan and unify the country as a set of nation.

Moreover, Bhutan after forming a monarchy kingdom in 1904, the generations of Dharma kings ruled the country as per the religious concepts. By the grace of these kings, the citizens of Bhutan proof that they achieve the fulfillment of Gross National Happiness.

Bhutan is only country in this present world having the national religion as Buddhist. But there is fear that due to the fast growing technologies, the Buddha’s teachings is in danger to fade away.

Therefore, to reform the debased and improve the ongoing activities of Buddha’s teachings and to fulfill the philosophy of Gross National Happiness of Bhutan, this foundation aims to provide significant learning on Buddhist.

(Next step is to open the Shedra, the Buddhist institute for 9 years course)

May the peace prevail on earth.