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May the brilliance of the three wisdoms increase
Vision, Mission and Imp.


Vision, Mission and Implementation strategies :

The Vision ofestablishing Karma Leksheyling Middle Secondary School is to acknowledge the crucial role education plays in shaping the character and outlook of the people with right knowledge, skills and attitudes – in nutshell producing wholesome people. It is also in acknowledge the government’s continued effort in providing access and delivery of quality education to all the Bhutanese children.

In pursuit of these two noble beliefs, the Mission of Karma Leksheyling Middle Secondary School in its effort to provide wholesome education aspires to:

  • Provide special brand of education wherein modern education will be imparted within the environment of moral and spiritual values.
  • Produce secondary school graduates of special brand who would integrate productively into the society.
  • Make this special education accessible to children who are from economically and socially challenged family at free of cost.

The school will be guided by the following implementation strategies:

  • follow the Bhutanese curriculum designed by Royal Education Council and Bhutan Council for Secondary Examination and Assessment certification;
  • blend the curriculum delivery within spiritual ambiance to promote psycho-social well being;
  • set up the school giving importance to school greenery and physical ambiance;
  • enroll children from economically and socially challenged children by providing all the necessary logistic support – both tuition and boarding free of cost;
  • provide full boarding facilities with nutritious vegetarian meals to 60% of the needy students;
  • recruit trained and experienced teachers for curriculum delivery;
  • ensure effective management of the school; and
  • begin the school in phase manner beginning from primary level and eventually it aspires to have a full fledged middle secondary school.
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