Class Room Projects

For now, we are running our school with the temporary class room. We hope that formally class room will complete soon which is now only in the foundation level.

Bhutan Karma Leksheyling School Construction Funding Plan

The School is a home for children to learn and grow. Your support is equivalent to giving them a chance to grow up steadily.

Bhutan Karma Leksheyling School is located in Paro, Bhutan. The School occupies an area of about 5 acres and is an institution that can accommodate 300 students. The aim of the school is to bred a new generation of correct moral values that will combine Bhutan’s harmonious and friendly culture with environmental protection. Its main services are for orphans and families with difficulties. They provide free education to children, and hope that they can serve the community when they grow up and extend their help to others.

The School’s construction project is carried out in five phases, including teaching blocks, boys’ and girls’ lodging accommodation, and libraries. At present, the construction of teaching blocks and the main project require a collection of funds of HKD 2.3 million. The main building project is expected to be completed this year, and the School will be able to move from the current simple setting to normal operations and provide students with sound teaching arrangements.

Bhutan is a Buddhist nation, and Bhutan Karma Leksheyling School is attached to the Kagyu lineage with the belief in simple folk customs and the protection of the heritage, the School is sure to contribute to society. The goodwill of helping students and guarding seedlings requires the consolidation of your active participation.

There is no restriction on the extent of donation to Bhutan Karma Leksheyling School. Donators can make as much donation as they wish or as they can.  Any donation of over US$ 1,300 will have a permanent memorial on campus. School children need food and their living expenses is around US$ 70 per student per month. You may make a one-off donation or keep a continual sponsorship.

Thank you for your loving support and wish you all the best!



請於捐款後7天內將銀行收據電郵至 或Whatsapp至64266641。

如有需要我們將為港幣$100 或以上的捐款提供免稅收據。如欲獲取收據,請於電郵內提出並提供收據上需要列出的全名。

如有任何查詢,請 whatsapp 64266641





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