Need your support

Classroom building is under construction. I hope that I will get enough support to complete it. Many thanks to the all supporters which bring us up to now. 🙏🙏🙏


Sport day coming soon

Sport day will held on 24/9/2019 

  1. National Anthem        Whole School             
  2. Drill                            Whole School
  3. 50 m Race                 Group D
  4. 100 m Race               Group ‘C’ Boys
  5. 100 m Race               Group ‘C’ Girls
  6. Passing the ball         Club Groups
  7. 200 m Race               Group ‘A’ Boys
  8. 200 m Race               Group ‘A’ Girls
  9. Shopping Race                 
  10. 200 m Race               Group ‘B’ Boys
  11.  200 m Race              Group ‘B ‘girls
  12. Sack Race                 Boys
  13. Filling the Jar             Club Groups
  14. Three Legged Race   Pairs
  15. Balloon Bursting        Group ‘D’ Boys  
  16. Fun Race                   Group
  17. Relay Race                Mixed Group